An Interview With S'VOYCE

Check out this Interview With S’VOYCE.

An Interview With S’VOYCE

1.Tell us more about your background and how you got started in the industry

I was born in Jamaica , conceived by an American mother and a Jamaican father on December 19 1984. My mom was a vocalist and my dad a composer and guitar specialist.

Music is a part of my family’s legacy and am the younger generation and family to Stone Love founder ” Fada Wee-Pow” who as paved the way for a lot of well know Jamaican artist internationally. I got started in the industry at the age of 17, early 2002 , I was introduced on staged by Tazy Clare, a gospel artist in the Bahamas. I wrote and performed her hit single LOVE and I’ve been a part of the industry since.

2. Why did you choose the name S’Voyce?

Well, the name Voyce was a title given to me by my fist choir director from a early age ,

after finding out I was capable of singing every octave and vocal notes , i kept the name over the years and then later added the “S” in 2008 which represents SAGINI my production label. I love simple things in life and Voyce was simple enough and had a direct impact, all I did was to remov the “I” and added the “Y” for a little swag.

3. Who are some of the artistes that inspired you to become a professional artiste yourself?

Micheal Jackson, of course, Baby Face Edmons, Tevin Campbell and I enjoy listening to Mariah Carey’s older projects. I don’t have a favorite artist. I enjoy listening to any music that’s just pure awesome.


4. How would you describe your music?

Easy listening and informative. I love telling stories. It brings a descriptive image to the mind of my listeners. I writer better from life and my past experiences and I keep my writing real so my audience can easily relate and vibe.

5. What is the music scene like in the Bahamas?

It was once slow, but now it’s growing. Local artistes are spending more time to produce better quality work, so a standard as been set and a market for the music industry in the Bahamas is gradually excelling.

6. What is distinctly Bahamian about your music and what makes it stand out internationally?

My engineer and I used mainly Bahamian instruments such as the horns, cow bells and junkano drums throughout a few of our projects, to bring a different and distinguishable sound to the industry, plus I enjoy mixing my nationalities, so I’ll mix reggae or hip hop and throw in a few junkano drum patterns for filling to bring a smooth and exciting groove.

7. You have a new video about to hit the road. Tell us more about it

The video was directed and edited by full sail graduate Ryan Lightbourn, who has and still is working with a lot of major artistes in the USA such as Plies, Travis Porter, Kanye West and more. The script was written by Ryan and the concept was thought up by yours truly, but then got changed at last minute after finding out my co star was sick. Ryan flew in from Miami in June and we began to shoot, he was only in town for a few days, so we had only one day to capture the scenes needed. The production team and I were up from 4 am that morning, trying to capture the morning sunrise scene, which wasn’t too successful. We got caught in traffic on our way to the location for the scene but Ryan made up for lost footage. We shot 4 major locations, the down town dock, a local restaurant called Aunt Bevs Kitchen, the White House Sagin Recording Studio and at the famous Bob Marley Resort and Spa and then later I threw a night pool party and also captured the remaining scenes. Ryan had a early afternoon flight the following day but thanks to Keith Rolle , Mark Johnson and Johnathon Forbes all was a success . Ryan still had to fly over again in October to capture a few more scenes to complete the video, and thus ” OOH DONT GIVE UP” was born.

8. Tell us about your studio and business

White House Sagini was established in 2008, by myself and Mark Johnson a veteran engineer that used to work with Compass Point Studio , which is known for work from legend Bon Marley , Joe and more. Officially the studio is called White House Studios which is owned by Mark Johnson, my engineer and business partner for the passed 3 years. Sagini Production is a registered label , owned by myself, and we are both registered to PRS England as mechanical engineer and a song writer. We decided to combine both companies into one establishment a few months later, and it was a success. The name Sagini is a fusion of Mark’s and I zodiac signs, he’s a Gemini and I’m a Sagittarius. I fused both names together and fell in love with the pronunciation ever since, and thus White House Sagini was created. We have done numerous projects for both local and international artistes and producers. I guarantee our quality and the level of our skills says it all about our music!

9. If you could pick any artiste and producer. Who would you want to work with?

I would love to work with Jamaican female artist Cecile. She is awesome. I love her charisma and fashion style, not to mention her vocal skills, she is just amazing and sexy !

As for producer I would say Ryan Leslie , the guy is a genius and one of my all time favorite producers. That’s my goal for the future, to work with Ryan Leslie.

10. What are the latest news otherwise? What’s next on the agenda?

Well, I am currently executive producer for a local short film ,with the team mates of Templars Edge and Collage Entertainment and I’m also working hard to complete my first LP ” I BECAME ME set to be released this summer. As for me being the CEO of Templars Edge Multimedia and White House Sagini, I’ve got my hands full with local projects such as music videos ,commercials and films but I have a strong team to cover every loose end with Deyernaldo Delva, Simon Mott, Mark Johnson and of course Jonathon “Jay Arie” Forbes of BMG FOTOS. I am also searching to sign new talent. As for my agenda, well, let’s just say ” more awesome music and quality work to take to the world to show the globe what we can do in the Caribbean by making nothing into something. All I need is a opportunity and I shall create miracles!”

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