Ambition Is A Beautiful Quality In A Woman

Marcore Shipping

Former model, drafting technician and high school teacher Lamoy Higgins says ambition is one quality all women should have. The mother of one, who recently ventured into the challenging world of entrepreneurship says young women should strive for excellence and not feel intimated to enter male dominated industries. 

“I have always been a brave and praying person which has always provided the fuel I needed to go for my goals as well as be open to trying new ventures. Marcore Shipping Jm ( is my new brainchild and one I hold close to my heart. My goal is to be make life easier for my customers while carving out my own niche in the industry. I would encourage every woman to try their hand at entrepreneurship because while it is very challenging it is definitely the gateway to wealth creation. Let’s Do this ladies make yuh momma proud lol” stated a playful Lamoy Higgins. 

Marcore Shipping Jm is located at 41 Main Street Port Maria St. Mary Jamaica. 

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