Almost Every Jamaican Wife Gets Bun Says Kera Bling

Sassy new female artiste Kera Bling has sent tongues wagging with her bold statement that women should stop “fooling themselves” and embrace the fact that majority of men cheat.

The female sensation who is no stranger to controversy says that based on her own experience and observations our Jamaican men, in particular, find it difficult to stay faithful to one partner.

According to Kera Bling who is gearing up to release a highly anticipated music video with dancehall star Jahvillani entitled “Yaad Man” says she believes embracing the concept of men wanting more than one woman is simply realistic. 

“I don’t think Jamaica has many wives who don’t get bun lol but on a serious note I think the world would be a better place if we embraced reality and looked at relationships in a rational way. Cheating is inevitable no matter the love situation in my opinion because their are billions of people in the world so I think it is highly unlikely that a someone of great means who is well travelled and attractive will never cheat on their partner in their lifetime . I am not promoting cheating I am simply saying why stress over it when both history and logic clearly shows that its inevitable” says Kera Bling. 

The USA-based singjay who is currently enjoying a social media and street buzz with her controversial single “Eating Good” says she is very confident that her upcoming collaboration with dancehall star Jahvillani will push her career to the next level.

kera and jahvillani

The song which glorifies her love for Jamaican men whom she refers to on the track as “yaad man” is set to be released later this month along with the accompanying music video and according to Kera Bling it will be a shocker and a major hit. 

Jahvillani verse match my lines perfectly, the song badddddd and the music video crazy me can tell say people ago love it as much as I love it. I literally can’t wait to see the reaction and the editing process is almost complete so to all my fans continue to wait with baited breath because its going to be worth it baby” stated Kera Bling.  

Kera Bling is currently busy in the studio working with a cluster of top-flight producers.  

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