Alliance Next Generation /A.N.G

Kingston,Jamaica (Shuzzr & Mpr Consulting): Alliance Next Generation /A.N.G is the youth arm of The Alliance. The group which is managed by Cross Cris has been making strides both locally and international.

The group features acts such as Patexx, Kym, BridgeZ, Marlon Binns, Nymron, Iyara, Assailant, K Queens, Dadda (baby of the group) and its latest recruit Calado, but compromises of many more.

Its a group poised for greatness, as its a sub division of The Alliance which is the largest and most successful music fraternity in the Caribbean.

Each member brings their own unique an artistic energy, which in the end gives you exceptional music.

The groups conception is apart of Bounty Killer‘s idea of developing, keeping good music alive and exposing great talent.

Jamaica is blessed with a limitless reservoir of talent and The Alliance is dedicated to giving these talents the ability to be great.


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