Alkee knocking On the Door to Stardo


Fast-rising New York-based dancehall entertainer Alkee has many reasons to smile of late considering the fact that his new single entitled Grateful has been enjoying an earthshattering buzz.

The catchy and uplifting single has been enjoying steady rotation on local radio stations such as Irie FM, Suncity radio, and Zip FM along with a strong social media and street presence. According to Alkee he is very grateful for the support and promises to continue to build his brand by delivering good music.

“Me very grateful for all the love the industry and the fans at large a show di ting. It has been like a dream start to my campaign because I have been getting videos from several top radio deejays, social media personalities and street mix tape deejays who don’t even know me personally so it is a good look” said Alkee.

Born Alkemo Lawrence the young talent says he skillfully survived the harsh realities of early ghetto life having been raised between Spanish Town and Old Breaton in Portmore St. Catherine. He describes music as his saving grace because it provided a positive distraction from the struggles and risk factors that come with inner-city life.

“Music is the vehicle that has transported many ghetto youths from poverty to wealth and that has always been the vision I had for myself which I why I am working so hard to develop my craft. I want to show the youths that hard work and focus leads to success” stated Alkee.

Currently, Alkee is working with Millirich Entertainment (Coolbreeze, Berich, KB) and is busy promoting his Grateful single.

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