Alkaline ‘New Level Unlocked’ Album Scheduled for March 25

alkaline new level unlocked cover

New Level Unlocked, the debut album from Alkaline, will be released on March 25, according to a release from his publicists, Destine Media.

According to the deejay, the set reflects his maturity on all levels.

“New Level Unlocked for me is just taking everything you’ve experienced in life as a lesson and using that lesson learned as motivation to go harder and to be better. As long as you’re alive there are levels to be unlocked; places you’ve never been, things you’ve never seen,” said Alkaline.

Produced by DJ Frass, the 15-track album includes the hit songs ATM and Champion Boy, as well as Try Again and Conquer The World.

The latter starts with a recording of a teenaged Alkaline (real name Earlan Bartley) introducing himself on the Junior School Challenge Quiz (he represented Mico Practising Primary School), stating his name and ambitions to be a physician.


DJ Frass said it is important to show Alkaline’s progress as an artiste and person on New Level Unlocked.

“We wanted to showcase the maturity of Alkaline and highlight his ability to play with melodies on this album. Giving the fans another side of Alkaline, but also presenting the Alkaline they love was the focus during production,” he said.

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