Alkaline – Badness It Name

Dancehall recording AlkalineBadness It Name” off the Double Murda Riddim, produced by DJ Frass Records December 2016

Murder gwaan, Ruger get the blame
Did fi go fi one, but every man get the grain
A we go duppy dem, a no like we shame
Go in front the judge, tell her a badness it name
Wha’ fi change if a man get detain
People still a go missing, hog a nyam dem remain
Gun a no sittn weh Detta brandish fi fame
Push the nozzle up under him chin and slam out him
Push, maga man with a Glock inna waist
Big rifle mek up fi me skinny body and me lack inna weight
Shoob out one inna the Glock in case
A man run on, me turn on, hollow point a rock him face

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