Aidonia stands alone – 'No Alliance, No Gaza, No Gully'

“No Alliance, no ‘Gaza’, no ‘Plaza’, no ‘Gully’; JOP a dat me seh,” says former Alliance member Aidonia after what seemed like a hiatus from the dancehall industry.

Aidonia said he has reinvented himself and is now ready to take back his spot in the dancehall industry with JOP (Jag One Production) by his side.

“Mi hide weh and reinvent mi thing. Mi nah deal with anything fi throw off mi energy or mi meds. So any negative people I was around, we just walk wide. We not even waan breathe the same air weh dem breathe,” Aidonia told THE WEEKEND STAR.

When asked if his statement was in reference to anyone in particular, he said ‘no’.

However, he is no longer as close to Vybz Kartel, who he used to fondly refer to saying ‘Addi Mi Daddy’. Aidonia left the Alliance shortly after Vybz Kartel in 2006.

high-powered weapons

In February 2008, Operation Kingfish questioned the two about a picture with men resembling them both posing with what appeared to be high-powered weapons. However, they were never charged.

“The last time mi talk to him (Kartel) was over the phone about a month ago. Mi only see him pon the TV and on the Internet. Da one time link link deh everyday, no deh deh again,” Aidonia told THE WEEKEND STAR.

“If we see each other, no malice, no nutten. If mi hail him and him nuh waan hail me, a fi him business that. Right now a music me a deal wid. Aidonia come back fi di number one spot inna music. Di standard a music drop. Music needs melody but it still needs lyrics and flow.”

Aidonia’s performance at the recent Fully Loaded show at James Bond Beach in St Mary, was also a surprise, as it was organised by Sharon Burke, Bounty Killer’s booking agent.

However, Aidonia said he is no longer in any form of malice with Bounty Killer, so being there was not an issue.

“Mi always seh Bounty Killer a mi grandfather, we look up to Killer to the fullest. Me and nobody nuh inna nutten. A nuh no malice thing. We see each other a Bibi (national footballer Ricardo Gardener) dance the other day and we had a reasoning,” he said while noting that he has no plans to rejoin the Bounty Killer led Alliance.

“We a keep it neutral. The whole a we a brothers and sisters inna di music industry,” he said.

“Me and Shane-O a lead out JOP,” Aidonia said, while noting that Shane-O joined the group about four months ago.

He said the focus is now on Suhverto from the JOP camp, who recently released a single called Step Pon Bwoy. He said he wants him to be the next big thing out of the camp.

Work will also be done with other artistes from the group like Deablo, Size Ten and Show Crime.

In the meantime, Aidonia is working with producers such as Russian (Head Concussion Music), Jordan McClure (Chimney Records), DASECA, Birch, Sparks, Stephen McGregor and Equiknoxx.

He is also working on an album, which will have about 15 new tracks, seven of which are already complete. In addition, he will release another CD with some of his older tracks.

Aidonia also has upcoming shows in Europe, The Bahamas and New York.

Source: JamaicaStar

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  1. showw crocodiles to di world west palm beach isay !! donia ah bad mon fi bounty ahn kartel him soon run di seen

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