Agent Sasco Talks Kendrick Lamar Grammy Performance 2016

Agent Sasco Onstage TV

Dancehall/reggae recording artiste Assassin a.k.a Agent Sasco was one of the special guests during last nights airing of Onstage TV. In opening Sasco took us back to how the track “The Blacker The Berry” came about, discuss being featured during the prime time of the Grammy’s, big win for dancehall culture and Jamaica.

Sasco went on to discuss the incredible timing as it aligns perfectly with the release of his new album “Theory Of Reggaetivity,” it being a reggae project and more.

While most people on social media felt proud of his accomplishments, others felt that Assassin was cheated out:

You know the powerful thing about this song to me is it sparks presents for equality and open eyes on reality but! Kendrick did the same thing to Assassin that is being done to the black community. You can tell the background handling were done in a way to discredit Assassin for the major roll he played in this message! As if he was just a non important no name slave who doesn’t need recognition or the simplicity of even joining on this journey in something they both created! Assassins is for the people n Kendrick is for the fame. He’s even performed trying to take Assassin lyrics out, but it did not pack the same punch! Possible intimated? MissEmpresss via Youtube


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