Affion Crockett: Eddie Murphy’s the Greatest Comic Alive

Affion Crockett expands on Richard Pryor being the greatest comedian of his time, and says that the Illinois-born comedian didn’t have a lot of competition. He adds that Richard pioneered the openness of black comedy by talking about all of his bad habits and pitfalls.

On the flip side, Affion says that now there are so many comedians out that he doesn’t just judge a comedian by their level of fame. He also says that Eddie Murphy paved the way for younger comedians like Kevin Hart and Katt Williams, and adds that Eddie started the rockstar comedian movement.

Speaking more on Eddie, Affion says that the actor is “slept on” given the accomplishments that he’s made in his career, including playing a range of characters in “Nutty Professor.” The “Dance Flick” actor is shocked that Eddie’s never won an Oscar, while Robert Downey Jr. won an award for portraying a black man in “Tropic Thunder.”

At the end of the conversation Affion says that Eddie is the greatest living comedian alive, despite the fact that he doesn’t do stand-up anymore. He says that if you spend five minutes with the actor he’ll have you rolling.


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