50 Cent/Rick Ross Beef Escalates

The feud between 50 Cent and Rick Ross continued to escalate on Monday (February 2), as both rappers called into New York’s Hot 97 radio station to explain their sides of the verbal war of words.

Following his vow to “f*** up Ross’ life,” 50 turned ThisIs50.com into all-out diss to the Miami rapper, releasing brand new footage of the G-Unit boss with Ross’ baby’s mother, Tia. In the video, Tia discussed the rapper’s personal life, confirmed his alleged time as a correctional officer, and a dispute over support for her son.

After the interview, 50 took Tia on a shopping spree through New York, buying her a fur coat and Gucci shoes, among other things.

“You had your people contact my baby mama … you gotta understand she has never made more than $300 a week in her life,” Rick Ross said in response, while on air with Hot 97’s Miss Info. “Would I stand between her making a few dollars with this monkey? Of course not.”

Ross later claimed that 50’s influence doesn’t reach the south, and introduced a new nickname for the New York rapper.

“We not gonna let ‘Curly’ distract us from the fact ‘Mafia Music’ ended his career,” Rick Ross said. “The man has not charted a no. 1 record in Lord knows how long. He makes Dr. Dre look like a [fool]. I got Cool & Dre. Eminem is a genius. The worst move he could’ve done is be affiliated with such a monkey. He’s [50 Cent] a parody of hip-hop. I’m speaking from the streets.”

Later that same evening, 50 had his chance to explain, as he appeared on Funkmaster Flex’s radio show for a rebuttal.

“He told me I got 48 hours to come up with something better than what I just came with. I came with something better,” 50 exclaimed.

Fif’ later explains that he’s never even had a conversation with Rick Ross, but says he feels DJ Khaled is behind the beef.

“I ain’t got no business with [Rick Ross], so there’s no real reason for me to be talking to him,” said 50. “I know its coming from Khaled. I’m sure, Flex, he’s supportive of it, because he went and talked to the DJs, and he was playing it. I know because I talk to the DJs.

“Now, he’s on his own. They called me from Def Jam already. They want me to chill ’cause they wanna wave the white flag a little bit,” he continued.

While the beef gains more and more exposure, both rappers are gearing up for the release of new albums — 50’s Cent’s Before I Self Destruct in March, and Rick Ross’ Deeper Than Rap in April.

Stay tuned as this story develops.

Source: BallerStatus

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