50 Cent To Release Movie With New Album

50 Cent is making history repeat itself. The rapper, who released a film in conjunction with his 2009 album ‘Before I Self Destruct,’ is taking the same route for his upcoming fifth LP ‘Black Magic,’ revealing via his Twitter page that he will include a full-length feature with the oft-delayed CD.

“I’m writing another movie. Ill put it out the same day as my new album. I started last night,” wrote Fif, explaining that the film could be based on the storyline from his 2009 mixtape ‘War Angel.’ “I have two ideas what do you think about a film based on war angel? […] I’m gonna make it 10 times better then [sic] before I self destruct that was my first time writing and directing.”

The Queens native has promised to deliver ‘Black Magic’ as far back as March 2009, stating that he was taking a different musical route by incorporating dance-inspired beats. Since then, he has consistently delayed the offering without releasing any singles or leaks, but his close associate DJ Whoo Kid recently claimed that he’s hard at work on the project.

“I heard like 22 records already. He called me the other day and said he had 16 more songs,’ Whoo Kid explained. “I heard like nine definite crazy ones, and he’s trying to collaborate with other people too. It’s still up in the air.”

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