50 Cent Reponds to Cookie’s Jab on Last Night’s ‘Empire’

Diss 50 Cent and he will always have a reply for it. One of the best moments during last night’s Empire season premiere was Cookie denouncing 50 as “thirsty” for coming at Empire records on Instagram yet again—a meta reference to the rapper’s constant disparaging remarks against the series irl, in response to TV viewers’ somewhat bemusing tendency to compare and contrast Empire and 50’s own drama series Power. (Both have predominantly black casts and a lead who leads a cushy rich life after previously moving weight, and that’s where the similarities end tbh.)

News of the mention traveled fast to Curtis, who wasted no time firing back overnight in his favorite manner: direct, half-serious and half-comical, and via Instagram video. “I can’t believe Cookie would say some shit like that about me. Thirsty? Me, thirsty?” Then later, he says “Me and Cookie go way back, you know I hit that.”



Whhhaaaaat? Is 50 alluding to Taraji P. Henson? Is he just being a goofball? Or is this an elaborate set-up for a 50 Cent on Empire guest spot where he plays himself and he and Cookie have history together? When it comes to 50, it could honestly go either way. (But judging from the emojis, the ‘LMAO’ in the caption and @’ing Taraji, it’s probably just him being a goofball.)


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