50 Cent Phones Into Miami Radio To Talk Rick Ross Beef

50 Cent further explained himself on Wednesday (February 4), regarding the escalating beef with Rick Ross.

50 Cent further explained himself on Wednesday (February 4), regarding the escalating beef with Rick Ross. This time, he called into Ross’ hometown of Miami to talk to the morning show on Power 96.

During the interview, morning host DJ Laz tried to play as an intermediary, asking the G-Unit boss if the pair could let the beef go and get back to the music. But, in 50’s eyes, he didn’t start it and is just defending himself.

“If you listen to any of my actual conversations on the web, I haven’t said or promoted my actual record Before I Self-Destruct. That’s not my intentions,” the rapper explained, referring to criticism that the beef is an elaborate publicity stunt. “If he didn’t come out woodworks, I wouldn’t even be talking about that. I was chilling. They’ll say that every album that I have issues, or I end up with something with an artist. It’s actually true, but there’s always been battling.

“He went into a space that you don’t go into when you just rapping. First thing he said was about my baby’s mother,” Fiddy continued. “He started actually talking about ‘I’d love to pay her bills. I wanna pay her rent. Curtis Jackson baby mamma, I ain’t ask her for a cent.’ He goes straight to those same issues, so I just went to where you’re issues are in that same space. It’s not like I’m picking and choosing and trying to find the worse possible thing I can do to Rick Ross. I’m saying ‘We’ll let me see what you’re situation is with you’re baby’s mother.’ ”

Taking every opportunity to “f*** up Rick Ross’ life,” as he previously promised, 50 continued to embarrass Rick Ross by pointing out his past employment decisions, calling his whole image as a rapper fake.

“What he does is project something thats … he’s a fraud,” said 50. “In all honesty, I don’t actually feel like there’s something socially wrong with you trying to be a police officer. I feel like there’s something wrong, from a hip-hop perspective, for you to be a part of law enforcement and totally write your whole career as if you’re the biggest drug dealer in Miami.”

In an attempt to defend Ross, DJ Laz tried to justify the Miami rapper’s alleged stint as a C.O. saying, “Wait a minute. You know damn well that correction officers are the most crooked people on the planet.”

50 wasn’t having it though. “If you wanna try and make Rick Ross look street by saying that, it won’t do it. No matter … that is not gonna work. If you a cop and … what? You brought somebody a burger? C.O.’s are really crooked,” he replied sarcastically.

The interview later shifted to the possibility of the situation ending like the well-publicized beef between Biggie and Tupac. And 50 agreed, saying that if things went far enough, it’s not impossible.

“I think if he went far enough for me to be agitated on my end, that could happen to him,” 50 said. “What we did learn [from Biggie and Tupac] is when you go too far in those situations, you put yourself in a space where they only know one way to respond. Where I come from, the price of life is cheap.

“Ask me if I wanna go there? Nah,” he elaborated, “but if you put me in that space where there’s no other options, I’mma go there so easily. I’m just gonna snap back to where I come from.”

However, 50 doesn’t think it will ever get to that point because in his eyes, he’s won and there’s not much Rick Ross can do to recover.

“He’s finished,” 50 exclaimed. “In all reality, I don’t think he can recover from the facts. He didn’t say anything that wasn’t true. The damaging point is he may have created confirmation, for some people, as far as him being a police officer or a part of law enforcement. Hip-hop is not something where you don’t have to absolutely be a criminal or involved in illegal activity, but what it’s saying is you’re not authentic. That is important to hip-hop.

“When you sitting there talking about you got 100 bricks and you the biggest drug dealer in Miami, even the people in Miami can’t really get with that. They know that ain’t true, you from up the block. N**** you was working as a correctional officer,” he added.

As the interview wrapped, the radio hosts asked if he would continue to egg on the situation if Ross stay quiet.

“It would absolutely no sense,” 50 replied. “He’s going to be classified another victim.”

Source: BallerStatus

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