50 Cent Is Being Sued Over the Idea For His Show ‘Power’

50 Cent Is Being Sued Over the Idea For His Show ‘Power’


If 50 Cent wasn’t already having enough problems after filing for bankruptcy, he’s now being sued over the idea for his popular Starz original series, Power. According to TMZ, the plaintiff, Larry Johnson, claims that he sent a manuscript titled Tribulation of a Ghetto Kid to Nikki Turner, who worked with 50 and G-Unit Books, in 2005 looking to have the work published. Johnson claims that this manuscript, which was eventually published elsewhere, featured storylines that 50 then flipped into the script for Power, such as the main character owning a popular night club throughout the show.
50 has yet to respond to this latest lawsuit, but Johnson is reportedly seeking $200 million in the case. We’ll continue to update this story as more details become available.


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