3Star has teamed up with fellow New York artiste Brock aka Bullet Brak for the single “Want Me Go Jail” and a video will follow shortly. The video shoot will take place in Manhattan and Brooklyn on the weekend of June 11th and 12th.

The song, which was produced by Corey Black, is a story about a real life event. After hearing about a situation that his good friend and school mate Matt Brock (Bullet Brak) got involved in, 3Star decided to record “Want Me Go Jail”. The song expresses the inner thoughts of a person going through this difficult time. About the song, 3Star says “Music vents and releases the soul and this is what he needs.”
With the “Mr Top Shoota” video currently in international rotation 3Star will follow up shortly with this new video. 3Star, a self-proclaimed “reality artiste” continues to deal with real life experiences in his music and “Want Me Go Jail” is the latest story he shares with his fans.

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