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3Star has shot yet another video last weekend in new York, promoting his “reality music” and the album “Nothing But Real Talk”. One of the most outstanding tracks on the album, “Real Talk” was one of the songs 3Star really wanted to promote additionally with a video and let more people besides his seasoned fans listen to the lyrics of the song.

3Star is concerned about what today’s reggae listeners are exposed to lyrically and he wants to bring positive, real music dealing with life and enlistment via the truth of experiences. He says,

“Over the years I have seen reggae consumers being bombarded with lyrics that are fictions. Lyrics that are hurting the Jamaican culture as well as reggae music at large. There is a lot of volatile lyrical content to be digested by the listeners which is a contributing factor to the rising crime rate. Reggae music is sacred music. Let’s take it back to the foundation! Legends like Bob Marley, Burning Spear, Garnet Silk and Max Romeo have set a standard that should be maintained. Many artistes are not living the lifestyle they portray in their music. They boast and lie in their songs, about aggressive lives, when it is all just a shell with a soft inside.”

“Real Talk” addresses a lot of different issues and 3Star is not afraid to talk. The real 3Star, still making it clear that he is the one, not the second 3Star who has more recently emerged in Jamaica. The video for “Real Talk” was shot in Manhattan, New York and will premiere internationally in July. 3Star is ready to bring his meditation to the table and protect his Jamaican culture and reggae music the same way as he has protected the American people as a US soldier in Iraq and Afghanistan. Listen to some “Real Talk”.

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