Jamaican reggae artiste 3Star is not just making waves with his current album “Nothing But Real Talk” but he also translates the concept of his album into a new documentary set to be released this summer.

Based on his experiences of migration, the army and trying to make it as an artiste 3Star says the main focus of his documentary is for the viewer to get to share 3Star’s life, his struggles and successes while taking a strong anti- violence stance, a message he wishes to teach the youths.

3 Star

3Star was born and grew up in Jamaica before he migrated to the US and joined the US Military. The documentary shows how 3Star has evolved over the years, how he has transitioned from Jamaica to New York, how he has experienced living in Texas, Afghanistan and Iraq. Furthermore the documentary will also show live footage of 3Star in the battle field in Afghanistan and Iraq as he shares his experiences about being a real soldier in a very real war. Same as in his music he wants people to learn from his experiences, especially the Jamaican youngsters who to easily are tempted to pick up a gun and make it their life. The documentary will show how soldiers live with their challenges, overcome obstacles, challenges and execute the mission bestowed upon them.

3Star says, he “will elaborate about his struggles as an civilian, soldier and artist and talk about the injustice and challenges he has encountered on his musical journey as a cultural artist instead of a commercial artist”. Music has been the way for 3Star to deal with his experiences and sharing them is part of his mission today as an artiste.

The documentary, directed and produced by 3Star himself, is being edited by his friend Bryan Fury, with whom he currently attends LaGuardia College and the majority of the footage was shot by Kyle Rauscher.

Intended originally for the new, soon to be launched, website of 3Star, he now plans to release the documentary also on DVD and explore options of showing it on various TV stations in Jamaica, the US and worldwide to share his message and his story, with an underlying soundtrack of “Nothing But Real Talk”.

The latest singles available by 3Star are “No Bad Man”, “Mr Top Shooter” and “Sweet Jamaica”.

Source: AXE-S Media

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