3Star Protects his Name

Jamaican born International artiste 3Star has sought to protecthis tradmark by enforcing his copyright over the name ‘3Star’

The issue arose after Jerome Young aka 3Star was made aware that another artiste has recently been using the name in Jamaica. The situation has so far caused considerable confusion among Djs, radio personalities, promoters and fans as they were confused by the new material they were being serviced with. Due to the fact that both artistes’ music is different 3Star believes that the confusion should not continue any longer and has instructed his lawyer to settle the matter.

3 Star

Themusic of 3Star is conscious, anti-violence “reality music. In his music 3Star addresses social problems in Jamaica and internationally as well as his past in the US army and deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan. He is especially opposed toany gun glorifications and therefore wants to publicly distance himself fromthe newly emerged 3Star.

The matter has now been addressed by Jerome Young’s attorneys in New York as he holds the trademark for the name “3Star” and has the sole rights to use the name for international recording and broadcasting purposes. Jerome Young does NOT seek any conflict but wishes to resolve the infringement matter as soon as possible to forego any possible future “mix up” between the two artistes.

Jerome says he does not have any personal issue with the second 3Star since they have never met but he needs to distance himself. “We make two different kinds of music. I am on the conscious side with the music and he makes music for the street. I am being criticized for switching so I am tired of explaining to people it’s not me but another 3star!”

3Star also has decided to record a song about the matter entitled “Set It” to be released internationally this week.


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