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3Star is fully focused on his career and he is not about to stop any time soon. This month he is set to release his new mixtape “It’s A Shame” as well as a documentary about his life as a Jamaican in New York, a US soldier and an artiste.

3Star has just released the new video for “Mr Top Shoota” in May and another video was shot in June for “Real Talk” – two singles off the album “Nothing But Real Talk”. Now the New York based artiste is ready to release his brand new mixtape featuring various brand new tracks from Jamaican as well as some international producers. The mixtape will bring some new 3Star music to all the fans and newcomers just starting to discover 3Star’s “reality music”.

“Reality music” is what 3Star is all about and he draws on his real life experiences to write his songs. Jerome Young is 3Star, the artiste but he is also a Jamaican who migrated to the US and he also is an ex-soldier who had been deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan. Jerome has seen war first hand and experienced the loss of life, friends and fellow soldiers. His life story is the basis for a new documentary and also for his musical plea to Jamaican youth and young people around the world to put down the guns and stop the violence.

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