Reality music artiste 3Star is gearing up to release his new mixtape “It’s A Shame” on July 23rd in New York. The mixtape release part will also mark the release of a new documentary about 3Star’s life as a Jamaican in the US, a US soldier and an artiste. The mixtape features 15 tracks, some previously unreleased, by various producers. When asked about the title “It’s A Shame”, 3Star says:

My career is being targeted by impersonators who want to grab my achievements after i have put in all the hard works – “ITS A SHAME”.

Political manipulation with organized crime is on the rise, then poor people end up being the victim – “IT’S ASHAME”.

Higher intelligence is experimenting and messing with the solar hemisphere and then blame it on natural disasters – “IT’S ASHAME”.

Music fraternity becomes industrialized and not being seen as on an art form but more of a monetary gain – “IT’S ASHAME”

Just look around you and pay attention to the new energy of changes that is happening , then you will know why am using the phrase – “IT’S ASHAME”.


1 ) Set It – (Star Throne Family)
2) Unda M feat Jallanzo – (Jallanzo)
3) Ghetto Yute – (Arms House)
4) Hustler – (JUSA DEMENTOR)
5) Like Fire feat Jewini – (Star Throne Family)
6) Tell Mi
7) Like A Pimp
8) Sweet River – (Corey Black)
9) Hero feat Charmello – (Star Throne Family)
10) Go Jail feat Bullet Brock – (Corey Black)
11) It’s A Shame – (Danjah One)
12) Am So Nervous
13) We Don’t Play feat Bullet Brock – (Wisdom)
14) Talk Too Much
15) See Me Through – (Corey Black)

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