3Star shot the video for his latest release, “Mr Top Shoota” last weekend in New York. The single is the second release off the album ‘Nothing But Real Talk”, which has received rave reviews internationally as well as in Jamaica.

The video, which is the second part of a storyline started with the video for “No Bad Man” was shot on various locations in the Bronx and Harlem. It is the story of a man who had the option, early in is life, to choose between music or the life of the gun. He chose the gun and becomes a “top shoota”, creating a lot of mayhem and trauma in other people’s lives along the way. He keeps killing people but eventually n the end he wishes to change to do music but it is too late and he ends up in confinement.

The song is based on personal experiences of the artiste, he has seen it happen many times and if one chooses the life as a “top shoota” it is either confinement or, as 3Star expresses it, “you end up six feet under.“ It is an eye opener to show that every action causes other actions and reactions. 3Star says, “Karma is real! What you put out, that is what you receive. I wanted to make a video for people to see the message!”

3Star makes music sharing his experiences in life and he channels his memories of warfare into positive energy. As a US soldier he has experienced war first hand in Iraq and Afghanistan and he promotes positive music and anti-violence messages, especially to the youth of his native Jamaica.
The video, directed by Paulie Pop It Off will be released internationally soon.

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