3 Star is an artiste producing music with positive messages based on his life experiences in Jamaica, New York but also as a soldier in Iraq and Afghanistan. The song “No Badman” has a very important message especially to the youth. 3 Star is asking with his music “Why would you want to be bad and rob people and rape and go to jail? We want to say to the youths: Don’t get manipulated and brainwashed . Society plays a major role in this, making the youths believe that you fit in and have a certain swag when you are bad.”

The video for “No Bad Man” was shot in Harlem, New York by director Pauly Pop Off and the song was produced by Jalanzo off Dubtonic Kru. Locations were the streets in Harlem from 125th to Lennox, just 3 blocks away from the Apollo, as well as Marcus Mosiah garvey Park on 125th and Madison. The park is where the scene was shot with a guy bringing back a girl’s handbag. The concept essentially is about giving a more visual look at the message of saying NO BADMAN.

The video features footage from the battle field as well as the urban setting, showing the transition from soldier to street, two real battlefields. 3 Star wrote the song after his best friend died just three months before he was deployed to Iraq. His best friend was shot in the streets and died. 3 Star says: “ I was traumatized to see my best friend die in front of my eyes and then I had to go to a real war, because my unit needed me and I was a reliable soldier.”

He explains further: “The concept was based on him dying innocently just being at the wrong place at the wrong time. I had a lot of anger inside me and then I went to Iraq and I see us dying and them dying. So I said, that simply means anybody can get it at any time so I say no bad man.”

The song starts off like this:

Yuh keep on talking

Seh yuh a bad man

Through yuh have a likkle gun inna yuh hand ?

Rude bwoy have yuh ever been to combat?

It combines the streets and the artiste’s experience at the war in Iraq. The team who produced and directed the video wanted to keep it real. As 3 Star expresses it “Everyone wants to come and say dem a bad man and we done see the outcome and result of that. We have to leave it to Jah. He alone creates and he alone destroys.

Source: AXE-S Media

Watch Music Video For “No Bad Man” Below:

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