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Jonny Lieberman heads to the Okanagan Highlands in north central Washington State to check out the most track-focused Camaro to date, the all-new ZL1 1LE. Packing the same 650hp supercharged 6.2L V-8 as the “normal” ZL1, the 1LE version adds better aerodynamics and aero bits that produce real downforce, race car–derived Multimatic spool valve dampers, and special R-compound tires from Goodyear. After bashing the big Camaro around some backroads, Lieberman bumps into none other than Randy Pobst, who convinces him to head to a new racetrack in Osoyoos, Canada, called Area 27. It’s there that the two of them put the ZL1 1LE through its paces before Lieberman hands the car over to Pobst so the pro race car driver can set a hot lap. How’d the car do, and how did both Lieberman and Pobst like driving it? Watch and find out!

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